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The success of our training is to take the employee to the experience and then from their perceptions and results, generate and promote response mechanisms indicated according to the expectations of the organization.

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Corporate experiences

We design and implement customized organizational training strategies in natural environments. We offer an ecotourism scenario in which through the directed experience generates in our visitors a positive impact on skills and work competencies. We offer one day (8:30 am - 5:00 pm) of experience in an extra-work scenario, we take the work team to live a directed ecotourism experience and then based on the analysis of their perceptions of the activity, we develop coping strategies directing the team to a specific objective already defined with the organization.

From their experience, the participants generate perceptions that, with the guidance of a psychologist specialized in occupational health, we transform them into knowledge.

  • To strengthen commitment to the company
  • Developing soft skills
  • Strengthen the bonds of the entire work team.

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During the tour, challenges, situations and objectives are established that lead participants to test their skills in conflict resolution, teamwork, assertive communication, among others; they are recorded so that later, in the analysis activity, their interaction can be evaluated and coping strategies expected by the organization can be generated.


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Integration workshop and corporate activities


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