1. Weight: Pets up to 15 kilograms (30 pounds) are accepted.
  2. Breed: The use of muzzles is mandatory for potentially dangerous breeds, according to the current Colombian Police Code.
    in accordance with the Police Code in force in Colombia.
  3. Fee: $100.000 deposit which will be returned to you when you leave the place in its totality if
    everything was correct and no damage was caused.
  4. Leash: All pets must be accompanied by an adult, be under the full control of that person and always be on a leash.
    and always be on a leash when outside the room.
  5. In Glamping: a. Pets must be accompanied by the guest or registered adult at all times.
    or the registered adult.
    b. The guest agrees to immediately report situations of special cleanliness or material damage inside the room.
    special cleaning or material damage within the room. The use of towels, sheets, bedding,
    blankets or linens for pets is prohibited.
  6. Pet Health Policy: Pets must comply with all health regulations required by law, be free from
    required by law, be free of parasites, such as fleas, ticks, heartworms, etc., and carry a vaccination record.
    carry a current vaccination card.
  7. Disturbance Policy: Any direct disturbance caused by a pet will generate a warning to the
    will generate a warning to the corresponding visitor so that he/she can take measures to stop the disturbance.
    to cease the disturbance immediately. In the event that it cannot be controlled
    immediately, your pet must be removed or the guest must leave, with no refunds, reimbursements or other
    refunds, reimbursements or other sums for these events.
  8. Liability: a) Visitors with pets accept full responsibility for all property damage and/or personal injury resulting from
    property damage and/or personal injury resulting from their pet, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless IXORA
    and hold harmless IXORA, administrators, owners, operators and collaborators from any liability and damage
    from all liability and damages suffered as a result of the guest’s pet.
    b) Guests are responsible for picking up after their pet.
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